Miraculous Therapies

Hopes For The Future

Miraculous Therapies

Hopes for The Future

The Association "Miraculous Therapies-Hopes for the Future" has as main purpose the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, well-being in all aspects: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual of children and young people with disabilities and also stimulating and supporting all activities related to complementary therapies, intended for children and young people.

          Our goal is to contribute to the change in the good conditions of treatment and life of these children and young people through occupational therapies, speech therapy, ABA, saline, dance, aerobics, music, painting, foreign languages, trips, collaborations with partner companies, therapies with animals, swimming, therapeutic and relaxation massage, reflexology, participation in theater performances, dance classes, horseback riding.

          In order to achieve this main goal, our association collaborates with “Miracol Therapy SRL” firm. “Miracol Therapy SRL”.

          Our team, which will take care of your children, consists of psychotherapists and therapists.

          Children will benefit from occupational therapy, behavioral therapy / ABA, 1: 1 speech therapy, theater performances, dance classes, equestrian therapy, creative workshops, and medical procedures: therapeutic and relaxation massage, reflexology, detoxification, cervical collar, allergic rhinitis and asthma, medical gymnastics and physical therapy.

          All the procedures will take place in the same place, only the equestrian therapy is held at the Hippodrome in Ploiesti.

          The association’s location is in the central area of ​​Ploiesti, enjoying an arranged space of 624 sqm, of which 220 sqm built so the children have all the conditions at their disposal for the activities carried out here.

          Our association carries out its activity throughout the calendar year, including during the school holidays.

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